At Home w/ @trendstruck

How would you describe your interior style in two words?

Modern boho.

What’s your biggest style inspiration at home?

Thankful for the gram! Pinterest is amazing too, but we are so lucky to have IG connect us to incredible talent and merchants all over the world just from a simple tag. Aside from oversized items that come with hefty shipping costs so much more is now accessible to us. I’m also a big fan of a good DIY project so many times I’ll be inspired by something I see and think “I can totally make that”, a phrase I grew up to my mom saying. It’s nice to add a custom touch here and there.

Favourite places to source new pieces?

My place is always a work in progress, but every 2-3 years I’ll do a full redesign.

Have you always lived in a condo?

Since living on my own yes. I love the character and space you get in a home, but for now, I’m trapped in a box in the sky. That being said the natural light I get for being up here makes both me and my plants very happy.

How do you feel your personal and interior style reference each other?

There is definitely a harmony between the two. For starters, my style right now is one half modern boho. I love a refined casual look and wearing neutral tones and natural fibres like linen. But like my home, this changes over time. Another similarity is definitely in the details. I’m a very detailed oriented person and this reflects in my home and the outfits I pull together. The accessories are what complete and elevate a very simple look or space. People have homes with furniture and put outfits together every day, but the added touches to my home are what I feel bring life and coziness to it. With my style it’s the same. I rework staples with more interesting pieces or take a simple look like denim and a cotton tee and simply add a belt, great necklace or funky shoe to make things a little more interesting. I’m also about the high low factor when it comes to clothes. I definitely don’t second guess splurging on some pieces if I see the wear out of it then mix it with the inexpensive. For me It’s about bringing balance to your style. You can’t just buy everything from IKEA for your home or Aritzia to your closet. It’s diversifying your pieces that will reflect your personal style.

What’s one item that you feel is a game changer for making a huge impact in a room?

A good rug and curtains! I got curtains made in my last three moves to nail the look I was going for and because they tend to be so generic. It’s these two things that can really bring a space to life with their colour, texture and pattern. In my home though I have to give a shoutout to my friend Blake, Bread & Butter Designs, who made the custom headboard for me. It’s the piece that steals the show. It’s such a beautiful, substantial piece and I fall in love with it every time I look at it.

What’s a dream locale you’d love to live other than Toronto?

For starters, it’s somewhere that always has sunshine, warm temps and preferably close to the ocean. I love the opportunity, the hustle, the endless options of where to eat, things to do that a big city provides, but at times I crave a more simple life and slower pace. I do feel like I’m more of a west coast girl that would love to be situated somewhere in Cali, but maybe I need to test out Australia since both the style and design are always capturing my attention and tick off all the boxes above.

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