1380 Before | After

The Before & After Process of our Parkdale Flagship 

Renovating 1380 was a process to say the least, we had to transform the space from the outside in, starting with the installation of these magnificent windows and door.  This change alone really set a whole new tone for the facade of our flagship.

The interior of the store was originally broken into three separate offices that nearly filled the whole space. Our first step was to tear down all the walls to the last office which we decided to keep.  The demolition was the biggest change to the space, since it gave us a good visual for how much space we were working with.

As you can imagine the ceilings were a typical drop with tub lighting, which made the space feel small and dim.  Removing the ceiling and adding in our own electrical really improved the aesthetic of the store. To add more drama we added fabric from ceiling to floor to create a luxe atmosphere. 

This space which we refer to as the nook was originally quite small, until we removed a shower from the bathroom opening it up to its fullest potential.  We wanted this space to feel special with a focal wall that created interest and a mood separate from the rest of the store.  Once again we added some luxe fabric which doubled as a cover for an unsightly door.  

All in all I could not be happier with how this space came together, we stayed pretty close to budget and created a beautiful layout in 800sqft.

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