Notable in Toronto: DUDEBOX- Ahmad Taib & Said Yassin

Night life is an important part of any city. It helps shape the identity and brings communities together with one goal of having fun and forgetting your cares, if only for a night. This week we caught up with a group that has their finger on the pulse of Toronto night life. In 2016 BlogTo boldly stated “Dudebox is changing the way Toronto Parties” and we couldn’t agree more. Ahmad Taib and Said Yassin are co-founders of the party group Dudebox and we sat down to talk about the future of the Toronto night life scene.

How did you get started?

We started started in the slums of Shaolin (Chinatown). We started throwing parties out of a three bedroom loft. At first they were for profit but after a few parties we realized it was driving a wedge in our friendship. So we decided to give the proceeds to charity.

How do you know each other?

Said and I lived in the same residents when we went to Ryerson.

What was the very first party you threw together?

The very first party was for a child in Africa named Lulu Clement. We were sponsoring her at the time, one month we didn’t have enough money to send to the organization because we were all broke University students, so we threw a party to raise the funds. The party was a huge success so we decided to continue the cause.

Some of your more well known/yearly parties are the Halloween parties. What other events do you like to do?

We love our summer parties. With those we get to play around a bit. This year we threw our first outdoor daytime party and it was such a huge success that we’re thinking of turning it into a yearly, the same as our halloween parties.

How do you agree on which charity to support between the co-founders?

All of the charities we’ve worked with have all been so dope and are doing such great things. In the past we’ve donated to both international and local organizations. More recently, we’ve started focus a lot on local youth led/ engaging initiatives. Most of the members in the group have had experience with dealing with youth led organizations in one way or another so I think we tend to gravitate towards those. But we are still open to new ideas and organizations.

What do you see as the future of “The Party” (i.e events/night life in Toronto)?

That’s still a work in progress. What’s great about Dudebox is that it’s  constantly collaborating with multiple communities. It’s been great to see how these communities are actually shaping the direction of Dudebox and it’s been great watching it evolve organically.

What is an important aspect when throwing a party most people overlook?

More Sean Paul.

In your opinion, how does Toronto night life stand out compared to other cities?

Jamesons are $5 on a Thursday at Camp 4, holla atcha boi bobby d.

Any event in any venue in the city (Toronto)- what would you do? 

The dream venue would be a rooftop big enough and safe enough for a dudebox party. We’d incorporate live music, vendors from all of the city, DJs, and Muralists.

Halloween is coming up and you’ve seen a lot of costumes-What’s the best you’ve seen so far?

There are so many, one girl dressed up as a bucket of KFC last year and it had me dying.

What are you guys dressing up as this year?

Said: Prince Akeem (McDowell’s)

Ahmad: Forest Gump (box of chocolate scene)

If you’d like to check out a Dudebox party, their next event is a haloween party SATURDAY OCTOBER 28TH

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